We don’t just teach movement, we are a movement.

get Professional instruction in a fun, friendly environment

We balance technical training with each individual’s creativity for total dance enjoyment. The emphasis of our program is learning technique and concepts.

You will love our beginning classes for students with no prior training. Continuing classes enable further skill development. Our highly trained staff has a comprehensive knowledge to ensure a training that is based on proper execution and injury prevention. Class size is limited so each student receives individualized attention.

Our goal is to make hip-hop classes in Los Angeles accessible to all interested adults, from aspiring professional dancers planning their first trip to L.A. to lifelong Angelenos who've never set foot in a dance studio. We also maintain an online calendar of dance events and new classes starting. Many calendar entries link to more in-depth dance update articles.

Танці для дітей


Поділені за віком танцювальні групи. Обери свій стиль танцю! Приходь!

Танці для дорослих


Хочеш почати танцювати? Або вже вмієш, та хочеш розвитку? Тобі до нас!